I drew a lot today but none of it is really worth uploading (or not appropriate to upload here since my blog is relatively safe for work). So I’ll give you this. Ratchet and Optimus, and radiostationman inspired me to do this from a .gif roaming around of Beast running his hand through Belle’s hair. I actually kinda wanna rotoscope it.

Anyway, Ratchet is shirtless ‘cause he doesn’t like clothes, not because I wanted to draw his amazing back. Ahem.

I’ll upload a colored thing at some point in my life, I’m sure.


Shockwave humanized by Zarnala

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i like this oo,


You can probably ignore this.

There is only one humanformers!AU I have, and I decided to share it with you. I don’t know if anyone is even interested in this thing, it’s very dumb and simple, but don’t worry: this will be the only thing I post from it, I’ll get back to the robots next time :)

Because it’s very stupid, I won’t explain the whole thing. I know that it sounds even dumber when I leave out most things, but I don’t want to bore you people and I don’t want to post sketches without any context either, so here’s a super short, super bad and super rough summary: It includes Arcee and Airachnid, and I just wanted to have the kind of common “office AU” and have the thing start out rather peaceful and kind of cute. But I also wanted their backstory to end up similar like in the show. Now, it’s basically about Arcee working in some sort of office, with Airachnid being her kind, but also kind of creepy boss who often uses rather morbid idioms and metaphors. Arcee is fascinated by her and tries to get closer to her, and they (seemingly) start becoming friends.

However, Airachnid is a serial killer who hunts down people that have something that interests her, collecting these things and keeping them as her trophies. She usually uses ropes to murder and/or restrain her victims, so she’s given the nickname “Redback”. Arcee is too naïve to realise her boss is a criminal and stays oblivious, until one of her closest friends gets murdered by Redback, causing her to become frightened by the world and the people around her. She wants to find out who the killer is and involves her boss in all of her investigations, because she feels like she’s the only one she can trust. Airachnid is intrigued by how much her employee is changing and wants to find out how much more bitter she can make her, and starts threatening her and the people she cares about anonymously. Arcee is eventually led into a trap where another of her friends is killed in front of her and Airachnid reveals herself to her, showing her appreciation for all the fun she has had by letting her live. She leaves without a trace, and Arcee swears to find her and make her pay for everything she’s done. That’s the end.
I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, it does to me because I have the whole thing in my head, but I know I’m not very good at summarizing silly stories and make them sound interesting. Also, it’s 5 AM here and I’m starting to lose my concentration.I just wanted to draw a few humans again, I haven’t done that in a while, I’m sorry.


These three are killing me .


A sketch of my humanized take on Breakdown. Grrr. >:3


And only fools follow golden rules


they’re looking your dashboard


Quick and simple lifehacks.


"y-youre under arrest !! "

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So today during lunch someone had spilled their milk, and instead of cleaning it up, they turned it into a chicken.

All hail the chocolate milk chicken.